New TauRIS Software available – More comfort for fanciers!

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Easy and comfortable clock release from home, messages about your clocked pigeons and the status of your clocks on your mobile phone as well as many more features. All that is possible with the new TauRIS Software!


We at TauRIS designed a new software with new, more fascinating possibilities for all fanciers. It builds the foundation for which new functionalities are available. For example the TauRIS Remote Strike which allows you to do the clock release easily and comfortably at home! Or the GSM-Set which sends you a message with arrival times of your pigeons as soon as they enter the loft. So that you never miss any arrival of your pigeons anymore.

It also allows you to use the TauRIS-S2 electronic pigeon ring. This ring is smaller, lighter and comes at a more favorable price than its predecessor.

For more information or questions please don’t hesitate to contact your TauRIS dealer. We are and always will be happy to advise and help you.