Carrier pigeons become an intangible cultural heritage in Germany

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A long tradition is honored

The competent expert committee of the German UNESCO commission has appointed the transmission of knowledge and skills in the field of carrier pigeons as an intangible cultural heritage.
The designation as intangible cultural heritage is a sign of appreciation for a cultural property that has linked nature and civilization for centuries and has already rendered great service to people. In the field of carrier pigeons, the carrier pigeon is in the foreground. It is characterized by its natural ability to find its way home, as well as its extraordinary ability to orientate itself and its capability to cover long distances in a very short time. These characteristics were further developed through breeding and used in a variety of ways. The carrier pigeon was of essential importance for state communications and messenger services during wartime. The millennia-old knowledge about the birds is very important for the future of the carrier pigeon field. The aim of the carrier pigeon field is to pass on this special knowledge and thus to preserve the unique character “carrier pigeon” with all its abilities.