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TauRIS® Derby

TauRIS® Derby is the perfect solution for your one-loft race!

Simple use, outstanding operational safety and many additional features all combine to make the TauRIS® Derby system perfect for your one-loft race:

  • TauRIS® 2-stage emergency system – introducing new standards for operational safety, e.g. during total power cuts
  • Internet visualisation of arriving pigeons
  • No terminal necessary: sensors can be connected directly to PCStorage/capacity for 10,000 pigeons
  • Printing during clocking
  • And much much more…

The TauRIS® 2-stage emergency system

The TauRIS® 2-stage emergency system equips you to withstand all conceivable and unpredictable occurrences during races!

Stage 1: TauRIS® backup system:
The TauRIS® backup system clocks in parallel to your PC and is powered by a car battery. In the event of a power cut or your computer crashing, you can retrieve the clocking data from your terminal as soon as your computer is up and running again. No information is lost.

Stufe 2: TauRIS® Derby emergency clocking system:

The ideal companion at the end of a race. We have developed the TauRIS® emergency kit to help you in extreme situations, e.g. a total power cut or the failure of an emergency power supply: simply place the battery-powered emergency kit in your loft entry, and arriving pigeons will be clocked as before. Running time up to 6 hours.

Start now with TauRIS® Derby and make your one-loft race even more successful. Call your dealer now – we will be happy to advise you!

Here is a selection of Derby lofts which fly with TauRIS:
Flug.Ruhr, Deutscher Brieftaubenverband One-Loft Race Kozieglowki, Poland One-Loft Race Bieszczady, Poland North Coast Classic, Northern Ireland Who dares wins, England One-Loft Race Kalimanci, Bulgaria Derby Mediterraneo, Spain Toronto Trifecta, Canada Texas Shootout, USA WORLD Series, USA etc.