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GSM set for TauRIS® WORLD
In today’s hectic WORLD, there is often not the time to stand around waiting for your pigeons to return. Here the TauRIS® GSM set can help: wherever you happen to be, an SMS message is sent to your smartphone or mobile phone as soon as your pigeons arrive.

And that is not all – the GSM set can do more! Send a query via your smartphone/mobile phone to your TauRIS® system – find out whether everything is working as it should and how many pigeons have already arrived. Wherever you are, and whenever you want.

The GSM set is extremely easy to connect. It is simply plugged in between sensor and terminal, equipped with any SIM card. You can enter up to 3 different telephone numbers in your terminal to which the SMS messages should be sent. In this way you can even let your fellow fanciers share in the arrival of your pigeons.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Sends the arrival time of your pigeons to your mobile phone as an SMS
  • Sends an SMS to up to 3 different mobile phone numbers
  • Can send you information about your TauRIS® loft system
  • Any SIM card can be used
  • Display of strength of mobile phone network signal on your TauRIS terminal

GSM functionality is not included in all country-specific versions of the terminal software.