TauRIS at the pigeon fair in your area!

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Many interesting discussions with fanciers from all over the world. Remote Strike and lifespan of terminals were frequent topics of conversation.

The pigeon fair season is in full swing. While in Germany the two big pigeon fairs are already over, fairs in other countries are about to start within the next weeks.

At the previous trade fairs, we were able to talk to you a lot, have informed you about our new system generation and the new TauRIS Remote Strike. We were able to clarify a lot of questions. The lifespan of the terminals was also frequently discussed. That electronic devices lose their functionality after a certain time is self-explanatory. This is evident in all electrical appliances: light bulbs, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, smartphones, etc. The extremely long life of the TauRIS terminals of more than 20 years speaks for the outstanding quality of the TauRIS products, which is second to none!

We were also very pleased about the great demand and the great response to our new system generation and the new TauRIS Remote Strike. With the Remote Strike option, the fancier does no longer have to go to club for clock release. Instead, he can do the clock release comfortably from his own home. This allows the fanciers to pursue their hobby more flexibly and with even more joy.

We are looking forward to meet you again at one of the next fairs and to talk to you. Take a look under trade fair dates which trade fairs will take place next and which we are attending.

Otherwise, we are always happy to receive your call and are there to help you. The telephone number of your TauRIS dealer can be found under TauRIS dealer.

Your TauRIS Team.